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  • My enemies have platform behavior and they have a mode where sometimes they change size (height or width or both), and when they change size and the new size overlaps a solid object, they became stuck in the solid object.

    How do I fix this without removing the "changing size" feature?

  • when you change size, you could also try to set their x to self.x+1 or some value, which would move them inperceptably higher. They will fall back to place anyway. I hope this helps.

  • You could try something like...

    While Changing Size -- Set Sprite.X to (Sprite.Height / 2) + Variable 1.

    Variable 1 would be based on where the enemy is relation to something that never changes. Like the floor for example or something else.

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  • not sure how to do your ideas, guys. This problem arises in situations I have "stairs" kinds of floors, meaning I have different floor object instances at different heights. The changing of size happens in air, so as soon as enemy overlaps any floor object, it gets stuck there forever (since my events are supposed to work when the enemy falls on floor)

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