Stuck with my penalty game-Please help

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  • Hi guys ,

    Hope you are doing great, with a lot of work and help I have managed to advance my penalty shootout game but now I�m really stuck, I will really appreciate if you guys enlighten me a little bit with the following missing stuff:

    1-     I need the ball to get smaller as it gets closer to the goal area (really don�t know how to do that)

    2-     I need to change dynamically my mouse events to touch events in case somebody wants to play from a mobile device, I tried duplicating the events (mouse and touch) but I removed that since the events were doing everything twice

    3-     The physics stuff sometimes act weird, probably I should add something to the physics behavior.

    4-     If you check there is an object call malla (it means net), I need the score to increase by one when the ball collides with it, tried but without success.


    Here is my capxs and I�ll really appreciate your help, I�m still a newbie so I will be more than grateful if you give me some directions


  • For the distance-scale here's an example


    and the capx

  • Instead of mouse-input just use touch (you can set it to use mouse input)

  • I've changed some things in your capx, it's not perfect yet, but I hope you understand the changes. It can be done in a much better looking way, but hey, it works.


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  • Hey LittleStain, thank you very much!!! of course it works you are great!!! and now I have a second starting point cause now I know how to do things in the future. I really really appreciate it my friend! <img src="smileys/smiley31.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • No problem, glad I could help!

  • Hi again LittleStain, sorry for bothering again... one last question, if you check everytime the ball collides with the object net (malla)the scores increases by 1, what about if they do not collide? well... I need to increase the variable misses by 1. I tried all ways posible to set an else statement but without success, could you please explain me a little bit how to do that? I tried to cr�ate further variables as if kicked=1 and collided=0 increase the misses value +1 but it starts growing right after the layout starts, could you please help me using the same capx we shared before. Once again thanks for your patience man.

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