Stuck in the hell beyond construct2 (ios game)

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  • Hi! I'm a graphic designer that decided to make his first full game, I invested in everything needed (photoshop, construct2, apple dev account, macbook etc), I created my game in c2, i generated the certificates from my apple dev account but now I am stuck. I tried to move on with my game by exporting "Cordova" but intel XDK says "feature no longer available" when i try to import the certificate. It seems like whatever I try i find a dead end, tutorials on plugins no longer available and so on, past 3 days I made no progress.

    Can someone give me some tips on how to export my game for iOS? Some directions or something?

    Also, does C3 really export for Ios directly? no other software like Intel XDK needed? Just export and put into Xcode?

    Thank you!

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  • On July 10, 2017, the Intel XDK cloud-based build servers were retired. You can no longer build a Cordova mobile app directly using the Intel XDK, with any version of the Intel XDK. You can build your mobile app using either PhoneGap Build or Cordova CLI. ... -build-tab

    As mentioned by Ashley in a March post :

    We knew this was coming in advance and it was one of the factors in creating our own build service. We're also going to look in to using the C3 build service to build exports from C2 so you can use that as a replacement without having to import your project (which could be tricky if you don't have all third-party addons for C3). Also you can, as ever, still use PhoneGap Build, so nobody's left out in the cold. We're also going to look in to making it easier to use the Cordova CLI for local builds. And you still have a few months to use the Intel XDK.

    I don't use C3 but you can inquire in that section of the forums about the build export capabilities.

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