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  • Hey everyone,

    So, I'm trying to make a physics structure composed by other smaller objects, that also have physics.

    I need to have the ability to edit the structure, by adding/removing/moving the smaller objects, but I can't figure out a way to "glue" the smaller objects together, so that i can later move the whole structure. I tried using multiple image points in each small object, to detect their position relative to the others, but that didnt work

    Hope you guys can help me, thanks!

    *Edit : I also tried using Containers, but because im using a Family for all of the smaller objects, i can't seem to add all of them them to containers at once.

  • Check Physics : Joints

    also check pin behavior

  • Yeah I also tried joints and pins but i couldn't make the smaller objects detect when they are part of the structure. How do i check for nearby objects?

  • Pick nearest/furthest under objects conditions

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  • Still doesn't work, i think it's because the objects are in the same family, and i want the position checking to apply to all of the objects in the family

  • use repeat N times combined with a variable that will control which objects were already picked

    submit a .capx for detailed help

  • so that i can later move the whole structure.

    How wil you be moving the whole structure ?

  • Using physics forces on the center of mass of the whole structure, why?

  • Because its important to answer the question. Now i know that you should use joints. I see you saying that you tried that.

    Why dont they work ? What is the problem with joints ? Plz, explain.

  • Nevermind, got it working! Had to use image points on each object to snap them into the other objects, while their physics component is disabled.

    Thanks for the help!

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