How do I stretch an object during runtime?

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  • I want to be able to stretch/skew/morph a square sprite into a trapezoid shape. It will be for an animation I want to make of flipping a card over.

    I assigned the "stretch" effect to the sprite and enabled the effect when I click on it. But now I need to change the "parameter index" and give it a "value" but I have no idea what these values should be.

    Is this the right avenue at all or is there another way? Thanks!

  • Instead of trying to "stretch" the card in a 2d space, why not create sprite animations? I think that solution will look much smoother.

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  • I want to avoid using animation frames because then I would have to make each individual frame and since I am doing this for cards, it would have to be a lot of different card faces to make animation frames for.

    I think I am just going to use the setSize property and make the width get really narrow so it looks like it's flipping over. It should be fast enough that it won't look wierd that the perspective is wrong.

  • I also want to stretch a sprite and it seems the Stretch Fx doesn't have any parameters??

    what did you end up going with?

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