How do I strech to fit ipad game on android tablet?

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  • hello

    I have read all the scaling manuals on scirra site but could not find a built in solution for this

    the idea is to use a game with the same assets working on 16:10 and 16:9 resolutions by scaling the stretching to fit. so it Stretches the game to fill the entire screen. If the aspect ratio of the screen and game differ, this will slightly distort the image.

    I would like that an ipad game (4:3) will run (even if distorted) on an android tablet on a full screen

    without any black borders also all objects on the screen should repositioned based on the new aspect ratio.

    I am new to coding so i wonder if without it it is possible based on project properties. i tried the inner and outer / letterbox scale but they either delete parts of the screen or showing black areas

    Many Thanks


  • I've been using the Anchor behavior to keep UI elements in thier proper place. It keeps UI elements in the same place relative to the edges of the screen, even though the UI layer doesn't always start at 0,0 in the inner letterbox modes.

  • thanks, but how do i stretch the background so it nothing from it is missing And no black areas on the top or on the sides ?

  • There doesn't seem to be a way to stretch. I can't imagine it would look good to have everything all stretched out of shape anyway.

  • i actually have an app on another engine that is stretched (bg images) and evrything looks OK

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  • so how do you make a game run well between android and an ipad ? do you need to create 2 instances with 2 different assets ? Also android devices also have different aspect ratios.

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