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  • I have a very strange problem. When I load any lyout, a song starts playing. each layout has its own unique song. when i press space a menu pops up and i can go back to play or go to the main menu.

    when i go back to play, the song continues as is. when i go back to menu the song stops. so far so good.

    now when i select a different layout, there is no music. debug mode tells me that the music is loaded but doesnt start to play. when i go back to the layout i started first, music plays but only on the layout i started first. since i can chose whcih layout to start first, the results are always the same: the next few layouts have the song loaded but it doesnt start to play. i tried recreating that bug with a different file and that didnt help. i am not that new to the program and usually figure things like this out but this is just weird^^

    Any ideas?

  • I am not sure if i understand it well but; Check that layouts event sheet. Don't know how you did it but if you use a trigger something like "play on start of layoutX" but you try to start layoutY first, it may cause fault.

    It's always better to show some screenshots or direct capx file to get better answers.

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  • rehi,

    thanks for the message , i did change the sound situation to avoid this problem and prfer thenew way so this is kinda not an issue anymore. but thanks for your time, much appreciated

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