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  • I can get the walking, standing, and jumping animations to work beautifully, however, I am now trying to make my character throw a knife and use his whip.

    I set up these animations just as I would any other but they don't seem to want to play. It's even stranger when I am walking and I hit the button to throw a knife and it plays in the middle of the walking animation but won't play if he is standing still. The whipping animation simply refuses to play at all.

    NOTE: The knife spawns even if he is standing still but the animation won't play.

    Any help with these issues or any other suggestions for my game would be greatly appreciated,


    File is attached below

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  • Just a quick look at it.

    It is your conditions that are messing with you

    Your whip animation is never shown because you only run it if: "is animation "standwhip" playing" it true, which is never is as you start it inside that block.

    So invert that and your whip animation will run.

    The reason why your knife animation will not play when you are standing still is because of the:

    Invert "Platform is moving" condition you have. you check for that every tick. If he is not moving you set the animation to stand.

    Try to disable that and run it and you will see you can throw a knife standing.

    So basically its because the conditions you have for run, walk, stand etc. is interfering with your other animations because those conditions are true at the same time and the actions will be run every tick.

  • Heh I must have missed the whip part. Thanks a bunch on deleting that condition that solved the problem right up.

    Though they are very stuttery now and I can't for the life of me figure out how to make him do them while moving (He should simply stop, do it, and then let you do whatever again) but any way I successfully stop him he because unresponsive and any time I make it so he will act again he won't properly stop

    Once more any help to my noob butt is appreciated.

    New file attached

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