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  • hello there :)

    so after hours of hard work i finally came to the point where i put some battles into my game.

    i am developing a sidescrolling action game. the general idea is it to be able to fire arrows in three directions: left, right and up.

    the left and right part was tricky with the system I use but it works perfectly now. However I have a problem with firing upwards. that problem is connected to the enemies not playing their death animation funny enough.

    you see the eventing is made in a way that the player has his shoot animation and at the end of said animation the arrow fires. and that works. however for some unknown reason when i press up and shoot the animation starts and then hangs on the first frame.

    curiously enough the death animation of the enemies has the same problem. it hangs on the first frame and does nothing after that first frame. somehow this seems to be connected because when I want to add the injured animation for enemies that got hit the engine does what it should, stop the enemy shortly and reduce its health but the walking animation keeps playing instead of the injured animation as should.

    i double checked all the names and they are correctly typed. its alos strange that this problem only applies to some animations but not all. most animations work fine.

    any ideas?

  • I think we'd need to see the capx for this issue.

  • sure thing, there ya go:


    arrow keys and dpad: move left, right, duck and aim up

    XCV on keyboard and AXY on gamepad are jump, fire arrow and punch

    i removed a few functions earlier to narrow down my problem so not all features of sooting upwards and such are implemented - no use if the animation wont play.

  • You had some conflicting events due to the keyboard or gamepad.

    I'd advice you to create different groups instead of making so many or events because it gets confusing.

    I did manage to get it working though.

    Game improved r142

  • rehi

    thanks i checked it out. shooting up is now working, thanks for that. can you tell me where the problem was because the death animation of the enemies is still not playing as it should!

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  • The problem with your enemy is the same.

    You have multiple events with conditions that are true.

    Make it so that only one event gets triggered by creating conditions that prevent another event triggering.

  • Alright, that helps :)

    Thank you very much :)

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