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  • Hey all - First off thanks for taking your time to view this - I am very new to construct and programming in general but i have managed to do everything i need so far

    This is not so much a question of HOW to do something but more of a question of what is the best way. I have read the tutorials on using ajax, web storage, saving,

    etc. I can handle the actual implementation of anything discussed here, what I am fuzzy about is most efficient/best way to go about it.

    My goal is to have a Web based RPG type game similar to something like pokemon or final fantasy mixed in with neopets there will even be an online versus mode for challenging other players.

    Anways I was wondering what would be the best way to save the information within this game (the information will hopefully be saved often). Do i want to create save files based on player id at login? Do i want to store all the players information and the equipment they have in the equipment array into a Sql database or is there some other more efficient method? Is it practical to use SQL databases instead of arrays?

    How would you handle it?

    Thanks again

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  • For basic projects, local web storage is probably the cleanest and simplest.

    However, you seem to be looking at a multiplayer game. What are you using for your backend/login/id? If you make your own server or use a third party one, you should have no problem saving information to that service.

    I haven't explored multiplayer myself lately but I did have bookmarked as a resource, except I think that project got shut down. seems to be an alternative.

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