How do i store Players saves/inventory/etc..?

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  • Good day,

    When i say "Players", i mean multiple players. My game is an RPG (and will be online), and i want know where should I store their inventory once players logout and when they login, it will be there. Should i store it on a cloud? on a website?

    I am already using arrays and json for storing on a local storage but this is temporary as local storage will be cleared once players clear their cache/cookies/etc..

    I really just want to know where should i start, so if anyone can assist me, it will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you for your time

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  • You may use any kind of cloud storage. You'll have to call it via AJAX and send the same information you have as local storage to the server. Also, you could check for the local storage before loading, if it exists, just use it. Thus, you save on data using by only loading from the server when no local data is available.


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