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  • When I set a sprite on the layout and create an event to react to a right click on the sprite when the sprite is clicked there is a default menu (with elements Back, Forward, Reload, Stop, Bookmark This Page, Save Page As..., Send Link, View Background Image, Select All, View Page Source, View Page Info and Inspect Element) which appears after the event has been executed. If a sprite does not have a right click event connected to it this does not happen when I right click on it. I am using Firefox 8.0.

    How do I stop this from happening?


  • In r72, this doesn't happen normally. I have a WIP that uses the right-click in webGL mode, and no contextual menu displays.

    Could you post a capx displaying the error please ?

    Also does this happen on exported projects too ?

  • A related problem was fixed in a recent build, are you sure you're on the latest version of Construct 2? (r72)

  • I am using r72 and it happens on a preview as well as an exported project uploaded to a server.

    Here is the link to a zip file which contains an example project:

    Here is the example uploaded to a server:

    In the example right clicking on sprite 1 causes the contextual menu while right clicking on sprite 2 does not cause the contextual menu.


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  • Confirmed on Chrome. You're using a custom plugin (dropdown). It must be causing it.

  • On Chrome I do not get a right click menu anywhere, so it looks like it's working correctly. If I right click the Sprite 1 button a combo box appears and that seems to cause a right click menu to appear. So I'd take it up with the plugin developer, it's not an official feature.

  • Yeah that's inevitable : Custom plugins = More bugs

  • Upon further testing I also discovered the right click menu is also displayed if I create a TextBox at runtime with a right click event but not if I create a sprite at runtime with a right click event.

    I have updated both the example and the example project on the server. Right clicking Sprite 1 creates a ComboBox with the accompanying right click menu as before. Right clicking Sprite 2 creates a TextBox with the accompanying right click menu. Right clicking Sprite 3 creates another sprite without the accompanying right click menu.

    I also discovered creating a button with a right click event also creates a right click menu but I did not include this in the example.


  • Ashley: confirmed in FF and Chrome.

    The textbox didn't display a contextual menu (for the first instance spawned, the other did) in chrome.

    In FF there's a contextual menu for each spawning of combobox and textbox objects.

  • It's fixed


    Changelog v1.11

    [Fix] A contextual menu appeared when user clicked with the right button.

  • Thank you Septeven. When this hectic week comes to an end I will test the most recent version (if not sooner).


  • I have checked it and the ComboBox has been fixed so that a default menu is not displayed when a combo box is created on a right click event. Thanks for the good work Septeven.


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