How do I stop an unlooped animation from looping anyway?

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  • Very newbie, so bear with me. Currently trying to learn the program by making a versatile platform character, and making it do a bit more than the tutorials I've been able to find offer.

    I've successfully implemented a functionality that makes the character impact hard on the ground if he falls for more than 0.7 seconds. I am currently trying to make an animation play at the 0.3 second mark of his fall, where he's supposed to go into an "oh crap"-position mid-air and brace for impact. I just want it to play once and then hang on the last frame, but I seriously cannot make it work. The animation is set to not loop, but it does no matter what approach I can come up with.

    I imagine it is because my setup tells it to keep restarting somehow, but then I am missing a way to send a command just once upon reaching some goal.

    I've attached an image of the jump-setup and would really appreciate any and all input you might have. Thanks in advance.


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  • Open the animation itself in the image/animation editor and look to the left hand properties column of the Construct2 interface. It may be set to run through by default when it is first created, change these to 0 times a second and non-looping.

    If that doesn't fix it then try adding a manual stop-animation and (if needed) a set-frame-to-x event when you want to stop.

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