Stop touch buttons to react underneath a layer

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  • I have layer1 with some touch buttons on it.

    Layer2 is another sprite screen which covers layer1.

    How do I stop the touch buttons to react underneath layer2's screen ?

    I already tried to make the background sprite in layer2 solid, but it didn't work.

  • I provided an example.capx file.

    When you run the project in the browser try to click with the mouse in the same spots on screen

    where the buttons are located in the layer below and you will see a text sentence appear in response to any touch

    in Layer 2 which is not logical.

    The background sprite in Layer 2 should be solid.

    Why the background sprite in Layer 2 responds to the touch buttons ?

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  • Thanks Korbaach.

    I've done it a little different with the same approach.

    The screenshot is for others who might stumble across the same issue:


    But still I think that something like this should be a default implementation in the software:

    A sprite image in a new layer which covers another layer with touch buttons shouldn't be transparent

    to any touch in the same buttons position unless you specify it in code that the layer is invisible...

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