How do I Stop a Timer

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  • Hi everyone.

    I have a global variable Timer=35.

    on start of layout timer goes from 35 to 0 .

    I have 2 object (Object A & object B)

    What am having problem to do is stopping the timer on its current second

    when object A overlaps Object B.

    Anyone can help me plz

  • This is a simple version where a variable is set if the object is overlapping.

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  • Hey bro many thanks to you.It was really helpful.I made a small test with your codes and it works

    Btw it there a way so that after Object A overlaps with object B the timer stays on its current time.

    In my case the problem am having now is that when the objects overlaps the timer is freeze,thats good,but then they finished overlapping the timer resumes ticking.I want the timer to freeze even after they finish overlapping.

    How can i do that?

  • Remove the "Sprite is not overlapping Sprite2" event.

    This way, on the first time both objects overlap, you end up with gRunning set to 0, rendering the first event untrue and preventing from executing it.

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