How do I stop sticking to blocks, gravity and destructable

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  • I'm still using the free version just trying to figure it out, I've a layout created and have rounded blocks but when I jump towards the block I get stuck on the side as the player won't slide down the side of the block or jump off it "double jump".

    The second problem I'm trying to figure out is how to create blocks layered over other blocks with a row of block's on top that can be destroyed with them falling towards a row below but when I set the physics for the destructible blocks they just fall off the screen they don't stay in place, the reason for doing this is that I want blocks that can be destroyed so a coin will fall into a reachable position.

  • If you could post a video or images of your code and/or problem, would help a lot.

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  • I would recommend adding the physics behavior to you player if you want the player to fall off the rock.

    naturally the platform behavior will stop the player if they hit a solid object's collision points.

    I'm not entirely understanding your second question, could you provide some reference material? such as a picture or an object in a game that does something similar?

  • The sticking to blocks problem I've solved using a blank sprite to put a box over the blocks so there is no round edges catching the player.

    The image is the blocks I need to break, with physics turned on the top blocks fall off the screen, the top blocks I need to be destructible and once one is destroyed they drop with the coin / star following.

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