How do I stop my sprites from randomly blowing up?

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  • Hi all, I am having a really strange problem, as I fly around shooting, after awhile(randomly) the entire chain of a sprite I am using, in this case a ship, all of them on the entire map just blow up? the only event I have with them blowing up is when they collide with me?

    it seems to always be random so I cant seem to pin point where the problem may lie? could it be I have too many sprites out at once or something? the game runs perfectly smooth though and never goes over 19% cpu, I don't know if that is good or bad though.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks

    actually I forgot I also have them blow up when I shoot them, I have my ammo destroy after a certain distance and that works fine.

  • Any chance you can post your capx so we can check for fault

  • Hi Lordshiva, thanks for reply, my project is way to big for the little 2mb upload, but I do have a jpeg of my entire event sheet, it's messy lol, tis my first time in construct 2

    Any help with this would be really appreciated thanks

  • I pinpointed the problem to event 48, after I receive that powerup and hit a target with it all the flea ships on the map destroy, thanks again for any help

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  • What do you have on line 39?

    Is that ammo supposed to do that, damage all ships when you hit any of them?

    Because that is what it probably will do, hit all unpicked ships

  • looks like that will be the problem because ammo2 is the powerup and it only seems to blow everything up when I have that powerup, I cant see the logic for what it is doing, must be the (or) I used? I guess I need to split it up, thanks heaps razorMonkey for taking a look, and spotting the problem.

  • Problem is, if I am not wrong, that it points on objects which are not picked by any condition beforehand, so it points on all of them.

    You should split them, or put them in one family and then use that condition on whole family.

  • Yep that was the exact problem Razor thanks man works like a charm now

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