How do I stop ALL of a sprite's animations?

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  • I have a single sprite consisting of 36 different animations, each representing a different character in my game. On a game over condition I want to freeze the screen and STOP all the animations of all the characters. How do I do that?

    I thought that simply putting in a Stop event for the sprite would work. (It didn't.) Then I tried: For each [sprite] -> Stop [animation], but that didn't work either.

    Do I need to cycle through all 36 animations and tell each one to stop playing? What's the best way to do that?

  • Have you thought about using timescale? It'll stop movement of all things, but you can use a set group active/inactive to stop turning during a pause menu.

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  • Are you sure other events aren't starting the animations again? LaDestitute's suggestion of placing events that would turn them on again in a Group, is a good one.

  • A cleaner solution would be to put all your sprites in the same family, then set the family's timescale to 0. That way, you won't affect the system's timescale, as you might need to animate menu elements or keep other timers running.

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