Stop sprite from shifting upon collision

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  • Hey!

    I have been working on a component that includes a bullet object colliding with a collision box (a sprite used to consider an area on another sprite _damageable_), and I am seeing behavior where the collision box is shifting when hit with my bullet.

    Collision box initially shifts slightly left upon first collision with bullet object, then shifts back into place upon second; this behavior repeats upon consecutive hits, always back and forth.

    Please let me know if you have encountered this problem and the steps taken to resolve the issue.


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  • Ah! Of course I find the problem after I bug you guys for answers.

    The issue was I had shake activate upon _parent_ being hit, which modified the position of the _parent_ sprite I was attaching my collision box to EACH tick.

    Still working on a solution to properly pin collision box to parent sprite, and not having it move when parent sprite shakes.

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