How do i stop sounds?

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  • How do i stop the sounds in Construct? Even if i set the sounds to silent or stop, it still play ad it overlaps when i go to another layout.

  • Just as you said, by using Stop. You've made a mistake somewhere in the event sheet and either you're not stopping the right sound or it's just playing itself again after. No way to know for sure without more information.

  • I think he is actually right, nothing with Sounds or Music seems to work properly, which release of Construct 2 are you using?

    I use the latest Beta 120.2, but I also had this problem long before this beta release, just haven't got around to post about it.

    In my tests I actually managed to get music to stop playing by leaving the Tag empty so it effects the last played sound. But its not a workaround the problem though, since its useless if any other sound plays in between.

    I currently only use .ogg files in my project, but that shouldn't matter.

  • Could anyone confirm if they can do a simple action like this?

    Just as an example.

    On "P" pressed - Audio / Play "music file name"

    On "M" pressed - Audio / Stop "music file name"

    I can't get a simple thing like this to work and I can't see that it should be any more complicated then this.

    If I leave it like this, On "M" pressed - Audio / Stop ""

    Then it works to stop the last sound/music played.

    Thanks in advance for any reply.

  • You play by NAME, but stop by TAG. Heres a sample:


  • blackhornet Thanks!

    Have looked at your file, so one can't just write the name of the music file in the Tag to stop? So it has to be set up with global numbers? Sounds very strange.

    Will try, but still make no sense why I can't just write the name of the music file I want to stop.

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  • Tsengar: I've updated my "This is how audio works capx example (r120.2) and the sound loops and stops in FF as intended.

    Are you sure you give a correct tag on play and use the correct tag on stop (case sensitive) ?

  • Simplified: When you play the sound, give it a tag. To stop the sound, use that same tag, not the name.

  • Thanks folks! very helpful

  • The key to stopping sounds effectively is creating tags when you define an event with the "Audio Play" action. "Play" is the action that allows you to tag a sound. Construct 2 marks its as "optional", but in fact you must tag every sound file for later use with other actions. Be careful with Lowercase/Uppercase for your tags!!!

  • jegcelorio blackhornet Kyatric

    Thanks for all the help and samples, I think this Tag (optional) setting is what have gotten me completely confused as to what Tags people and the Scirra Manual where referencing to.

    In my mind the Tag at the end of the Stop action was just type in the name of the music file and it would work.

    Will continue to try to get this to work as I intended, thanks again for the help.

  • Ok for those of us who need a simple answer to the question of how to Stop a Song or Audio with out all the techy issues that keep coming up. Like Varibles, Functions and all that mess.

    Here it is in the simplest way. When playing sound set "TAG" To what ever you want in that event. Then on action like kill enemy or button press Use the "TAG" you set in the play clip event. to stop, pause, resume and what ever else you want to do with it.

    Have fun and enjoy. JC

  • Simplified: When you play the sound, give it a tag. To stop the sound, use that same tag, not the name.

    Thank you! 6 years later...this helped me A LOT!

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