How do I Stop Very Small Pixel Sprites from Blurring?

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  • So I'm dealing with very small sprites(4 x 4) and I want them to remain very pixelly, however they get smoothed out big time. When I'm in the sprite editor it looks exactly how I want it to but once it's on the layout and at runtime it gets smoothed out and blurry.

  • Koronello

    I haven't actually tried this since I have yet to make a retro pixel style game but try setting the pixel rounding under project settings to on. Something else to try is changing sampling to point rather than linear under configuration settings.

    From the manual:

    Pixel rounding

    By default Construct 2 objects can be drawn at sub-pixel positions, e.g. (100.3, 200.8). If the browser is using linear filtering, this can make fine pixel art appear blurry. If Pixel rounding is set to On, Construct 2 objects round their position to a whole number before drawing, e.g. (100, 201). This prevents any blurring, and can also prevent "seams" appearing on grids of objects. Note this does not affect their actual X and Y co-ordinates, which can still be between pixels - it only affects where they are drawn on the screen.

  • Fastest and easiest thing would be, when starting new project, pick retro style project template. Beside the pixel rounding and point settings, you can also apply "Pixelate" effect to your layer or whole layout in the properties panel.

  • Thanks, using a retro style base template worked perfectly.

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  • Np, Im glad the answer helped

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