How do I stop my Slider from changing positions

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  • 'm sorry as I've not been able to recreate this in a new instance of construct,

    but here's my problem:

    I've a slider that I turned 90 degrees so it goes upwards instead of to the side.

    However, when I resize the screen even the slightest bit the slider decides it doesn't like its old position any more and changes.

    It is still usable, but only the part visible on the screen.

    Both pictures are displayed here :



    How do i stop it from doing this?

    I've tried to set it to a certain position every tick it wouldn't even move an inch.

    I've tried to check for it's position and if it changes recreate it on the old location, which failed 9/10 times.

    If necessary, I can upload my entire project so you can see for yourself.

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  • upload what is wrong and which part not working only?

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