How do I stop repeating actions of global value?

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  • Because global values, this actions are repeting every tick. How i solve this and made this repeat only once?

    This is the print that shows the events. How do i do? Thanks for helps

  • You could add a system trigger once condition or any other condition that is only true for that one tick..

    Adding an action to set the global variable to some other value will work too..

    The best place to do that would in this case probably be at the end of the function-actions..

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  • Which action i can use at end of this actions?

  • Adding an action to set the global variable to some other value...


    system set global variable to (any number that doesn't have an event attached)

    You probably have an event that sets the global variable to trigger this event,

    so after the event has triggered, you only have to set it back to the previous value..

    Without looking at your capx or all of your events concerning these actions it's hard to make any further recommendations.

    The way I usually handle these conditions, it wouldn't be necessary to check for them every tick, because at some point the change of the global variable is triggered and these conditions can be put as a subevent of that triggered event..

  • Whats your email for i send my capx? This event occurs in Event sheet 1.

  • It's quite simple, adding the condition "Trigger once" at end of event!

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