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  • I have a player on top of a moving platform. the platform was made by creating a scrolling background and i gave it a solid behaviour for the player to stand on. Since the platform is moving the player moves with it, but i want the player to stay stationary. How do i stop the player interacting with the platform?

  • Is the player ever going to interact with it?

    If your just wanting to hold him in place until a movement key is pressed or start count down happens then you could use an invisible sprite to hold him stationary and destroy it when you want interaction.

  • this?

  • Yeah i tried using an invisible sprite but it doesn't look too good and if the sprite is too close to the moving platform then it starts acting strange.

    korbaach are you able to screenshot the event page and add it as an attachment. I had some problem trying to download the newer version so i can't seem to view it

  •'s not new..its can open... any capx whit any C2 version..

    1.change file extension from " .capx" to ".rar","zip".....

    2, extract files...

    3. open ".caproj" file in Notepad or any other text editor.

    4. edit file.... ... onstruct-2

    5. open in C2


    Player is overlapping platform at offset x=0; Y=2.......................Player,Set vector Y to 1 <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • yes like that when it doesnt interact

    where is the caproj file?

  • korbaach the non interaction worked!!!!!

    If the play gets flipped to the underside of the platform how do i repeat the same process so that the player doesn't interact with the underside

  • Player is overlapping platform at offset x=0; Y=-2..............Player,Set vector Y to - 1

  • You're a genius!!!!!!!! haha

    And last but not least is there a way i can make the actual player flip so that his face turns upside down?

    This is what i have done to make him flip with some help of others.

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  • O should of probably explained that the player will flip onto the underside of the moving platform. Ememies will be on the bottom level as well

    so when he flips to the underside of the platform i was hoping his face will turn/rotate upside down as well

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