How can I stop next layout from loading too soon?

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  • Hi!

    My game has two layouts. First is a "Title" layout where player hits enter and then game goes to the "game" layout. In my game the blocks are falling from top to bottom one at a a time.

    My problem is that when player is waiting for too long in "title" layout and then hits enter, the "game" layout is starting but it looks like this "game" level was started simultaneously with title layout, because the blocks are not falling one by one but five or four at once first and then normal.

    My condition are:

    "Title" layout:

    keyboard -> when player hits "enter" ->go to layout "game"

    "Game" layout:

    at start of level ->reset global variables

  • Would you like it to fade in and out?

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  • It would be easier to figure out what your problem is if you posted a capx with the problem. We don't know how your events for dropping blocks are laid up.

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