Stop Monsters Spawning Add Boss?

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  • Hello troops, wondering if anyone can help, I am trying to stop all 'monsters' spawning and spawn a big boss 'monster' after so many kills?

    Is this possible?

    I would imagine it would go something like,


    <font color=red>


    (<monster> on destroy X.amount)


    (monster destroy)

    (object add boss)


    (<boss> on destroy 1)



    (boss destroy)

    (object add monster)</font>

    Does anyone know how to make this possible as I am having trouble de-spawning all 'monsters' on X.amount killed and adding boss object. Then again the other way.

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  • spawnBoss.capx (r139)

    Basically - use a variable to track how many monsters are killed.

    Monster: on destroyed -> add 1 to variable.

    When the variable reaches some amount, destroy all monsters and spawn the boss.

    Only spawn monsters if the boss isn't there (boss.count = 0)

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