How do I Stop layer from moving against another?

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  • Sorry for the vague title. Been a while since I've used construct and recently I've begun playing around with it again.

    I have an instance where I have several layers, one of them is a foliage layer. The foliage layer doesn't seen to stay 'in sync' with the background layer. The trees, shrubbery etc seem to move away at a slower rate than the ground and player. I have the controllable object under the foliage but above the background. I would think out of box the trees etc should stay in the same position as the ground and not appear as if walking away.

    Thanks for input and sorry for a stupid question.

  • Parallax

    Change the rate at which the layer scrolls in the horizontal and vertical directions. A parallax rate of 100, 100 means ordinary scrolling, 0, 0 means it will never scroll (useful for UIs), 50, 50 means scrolling half as fast, etc. Also useful for multi-layer parallaxing backgrounds.

  • Sorry for a late reply, things have been a little hectic for me. I initially thought parallax as well. All the layers are the same settings except the UI level.

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  • Without seeing your Capx it will be hard to tell..

    Parallex, Layerscale, behaviours with different settings?

    If you don't want to share your capx for some reason, you could try recreating the issue in a different capx, so we can check.

    (Sometimes trying to recreate the problem helps solving it..)

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