How do i stop lag from an event that has ended...

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  • So you're actually lighting the terrain? I thought your were lighting moving objects.

    is the terrain changing, or could you have it draw everything in a group once at the beginning, then shut that group off? (make group inactive)

    the only problem I could imagine with the solids would be the object maybe stepping too far inside before the collision was detected, but I don't know for sure. I would need to experiment, but I am headed out the door, I'll try it tonight.

  • Hold on.. I've got the 'stone' as separate objects with different shades and an event to delete the previous and spawn the new.. I'll try and make it so it changes the 'stone' to a specific frame that has the shade that i want.. and hopefully it will be less (or no longer) laggy :D

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  • Frames is probably how I would have done it, you could then have day and night cycles with an event changing all frame 3s to frame 4s at a certain time.

    I can't seem to duplicate the solids not working right, can you make an example capx that does the same thing?

  • Yes, however i don't want all the stone to change to that brightness because some stone are underneath others and i don't want those ones to be lit.. i guess ill just have to go with a lit and non lit system, instead of decreasing in brightness.. this i am able to do and make consistent (hopefully) and ill complete this at a later stage, in the meantime ill work on my cave gen. system, but let me know if there are any other ways you might know how to do this decreasing brightness for the stone of the terrain..

    However i will have a day/night cycle by setting an instance variable to the lit object so it is dark at the night cycle and normal in the day cycle..

    This also means ill have to change every single object and add a darker version of that, and I've got like 60+ objects xD (not all of these are in one layout)

    I'm going to have to do this for the monsters too but considering i haven't even made the sprites for my monsters yet, i wont have to edit the same thing twice, this is going to take ages, but its going to look great once finished :D

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