How do I stop the host from controlling all peers in a multiplayer platformer?

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  • Hi, I just got into the concept of developing online multiplayer games with Construct 2.

    As a start, I decided to use the existing real-time shooter template as a text.

    The template is great and works perfectly with objects that have the 8-direction behavior. However, as soon as the 8-direction behavior is switched to a platform behavior (Along with all the "simulate controls" events changed to properly move a platform) the host gains full control over all peers and themselves whenever moving. This obviously shouldn't happen since every player should have control over only the object they have been associated with.

    Anyone know what the problem is?


  • I'm not really good with multiplayer online so like you I'm trying to learn as I go lol but only fee things I can think of is either you have the default controls set to yes or you need to go into the peer and host events to update something. Other than that... I'm not really sure

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  • I just realized what the issue was. I had "Default Controls" turned on... When turned off, everything works as it should.

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