Stop a global variable from being higher/lower than another

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  • Hey guys, thanks for the beautiful and quick help so far.

    My question this time is;

    How do I stop a global variable from going over/under another global variable?

    Say I have two global variables, one that stores the amount of missiles I have (Missile Ammo). And another that holds the maximum number of missiles I can hold (Maximum Missiles).

    I have a UI with a text box set to make the text show the Missile Ammo variable.

    How do I make it so that Missile Ammo doesn't go over Maximum Missiles (say MM is 10, how do I make Missile Ammo not go over that value?)

    Also for my health global variable, I need to make it so that once it hits zero, it doesn't go into negatives.

    Any help? I hope this is understandable.

    Thanks for any suggestions and/or screenshots!

  • Something like:

    In the event where you add to your ammo add a subevent if ammo>MM set ammo: MM

    Same applies to the health

    in the event where you subtract from the health add a subevent health<0 set health:0

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  • Another method. Hope it helps.

  • Thanks guy, helped a lot! Sorry for the slow reply.

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