How do I Stop All Other Events midway throu when a Boss Dies

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  • Say I am using a big long event like the following to cycle through a boss phase:

    Event: Do boss cycle is True

    Action: Set Do boss cycle false

    Action: walk left for a bit

    Action: wait 3 seconds

    Action: shoot a fireball

    Action: wait 5 seconds

    Action: shoot lightning

    Action: wait 10 seconds

    Action: Set Do boss cycle True

    Say the boss died around the part where its shooting a fireball. I want to end the event then. Currently it will continue on and play the sound effect (really the only problem since i destroy the actual boss). So you'll be doing your victory dance while your hearing lighting being shot (or more annoying the screen shaking...).

    Any advice?

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  • Create a global varialble like BossAlive. Set it to 1 when the boss dies. Put all your events you want to stop under Condition -> 'BossAlive = 0' -> ...Rest of your events

  • Or you could put them in a group and activate/deactivate the group as needed.

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