How do I stop my enemy in range of the player?

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  • Hi,

    I'm using a turret behaviour on my enemies to have them detect the player, turn to him and (on Turret shoot) resolve a path towards him.

    Now I want them to stop at a certain distance from the player. So far I've been using a second turret behaviour, but this has a lot of side effects that I need to fix and is not ideal.

    The easiest way I figure is using a dedicated collision check to fake a distance check in order to disable the approach behaviour. But I don't see an elegant way of assigning each enemy a sprite of type-depedant sizes, other than a seperate loop to place a radius sprite on each enemy each tick.

    Any suggestions how best to go about a radius check per enemy?

  • You could use the "System:pick by comparison" condition with the distance() equation and an enemy "range" instance variable.


    System: pick Enemy by comparison distance(enemy.X, enemy.Y, player.X, player.Y) < enemy.range

    --- enemy stop

  • Hey,

    this is a usefull sample: ... form-games

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  • the expression is of course a good idea, not really aware of all the methods C2 provides there.

    now i'm trying to sort this in a wanna-be state machine, but somehow I still can't get my enemy to stop in range.


    why is the pathfinding behaviour not stoppable by either 'stop' nor 'disabeling' the behaviour?

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