How do I stop Enemies following waypoints and leave screen?

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  • Hi guys I'm new to this forum and to Construct2 and I hope somebody can help me with my problem.

    I'm making Moon Patrol remake type game and I have a problem with Enemies behavior.

    I Spawn enemies every "X" Seconds (their follow waypoints) and after some time on the screen I want them to leave it by going up off the screen and get destroyed.

    I was thinking to add something like a "FinalWaypoint" of the screen, but how I make Enemies to go there?/ stoping them following "First" set of waypoints.

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  • There are multiple ways to set up something like this.

    My first idea would be to give the enemies timer-behaviour and start the timer on creation for a certain amount of seconds.

    On timer set direction towards the final waypoint.

    I have no clue to how you have set up the primary movement, so could be you would have to toggle a boolean on timer and add boolean is false condition to the primary movement events.

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