How do I stop a dictionary for each loop?

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  • This is what I try:

    First event does what I expect, loads a dictionary object with 10 items:






    Now I try to run a for each loop on the dictionary and stop at '5'. I tried both methods above, neither works.

    How can I break out of a for each loop on a dictionary? There is no stop loop action on a dictionary object? I need a little help, please.

  • This works:

    ... but it seems like I'm going around my elbow to reach my nose.

  • If your keys really are numbers, you can just use the "For 1 to 5" event and use Dictionary.Get("loopindex"&loopindex). If not, you'll just have to track the range manually and only perform the Action when appropriate.

    The System loopindex and Stop action have nothing to do with the Dictionary object.

    Edit: you updated as I was writing. "KeyIndex" from 1 to 5 is all you need here.

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  • Thanks ... I understand. In my actual program my keys are words and the values are different scores. It just seems odd there is no clean way to break a dictionary for-each action.

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