How do I stop crashing multiplayer game on Mobile Android ?

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  • I'm trying the multiplayer in Android. I run the example Multiplayer - real time tutorial in C2. It runs well on 2 PC. But when I run on an Android device and a PC, after the player in PC is disconnected, the game on Mobile is crashed, even though the player in Mobile is a host or a peer. it keeps crashing after another connected peer disconnected.

    Please help me to stop this crashing ... ? I didn't fix any things from that tutorial in C2. Thank you so much !

    P/S: I build the game in Intel XDK.

  • I think It happens on the lastest version of C2. Last year, I tried this plugin and made a game with it, and it runs very well on mobile. I'm trying to download the older version of C2 to check it again.

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  • I installed the very old version of C2 : r169. But it is same things. I think the bugs now belong to Intel XDK build ... Can anyone help me to build and try it on Phonegap ? Thank you !

  • qngnht I ran into this a while ago too as I recall... I believe I had varying success depending on the network I was testing things on. For instance, while at work, while prototyping something for work, I'd experience what you are seeing. However, at home, on my home network, I would not.

    However, even at home, I was never able to get past the following -- WebRTC connections being dropped when an app (AKA the server) goes to sleep... There is about a 1 minute window (depending on Browser WebTRC implementation) before a minimized app will kill the connection to all of it's peers (for battery saving purposes I'd imagine)

    Good luck to you!

  • Thank I think I found the problem. I used Firefox to test on PC, and Firefox has some issues with web-rtc. When I tried other browers as Chrome and Torch. It worked fine. ^ ^

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