Stop counter after 10 and start animation

  • Hello people at Scirra,

    I used R0J0hound's Tetris in order to make my own kind of tetris to learn how to use Construct 2. There's just one problem where I've been bugging on for the couple past hours..

    When the counter (Amount score) is at 10, I want the tetris blocks to stop getting reproduced and the animation to start. I can get it to stop at 11 but the animation then already starts at 10 which means after the animation has started, there's still another block following on top of my animation.

    I want the truck to close and no more blocks to spawn after the counter hit 10... But how?

    Thank you in advance!

    PS: Sorry if my English is bugging some of you, I'm dutch.


    Sorry, wrong file! Here's the good link:

    I'm not allowed to post links yet.

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