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  • So, I'm making a game right now that requires 2 distinct layers to be running game stuff at the same time. The top layer (takes up the top 1/3 of the screen) is somewhat of a platformer and the bottom layer (takes up the bottom 2/3 of the screen) is a top down view of a world with people on it (completely unconnected to the top, its not a minimap or anything)

    I've got it so that the top view and the bottom view will scroll independent of each other, but the problem is that, even though they are different layers, the blocking platforms of the top level will stop the units who are running around in the bottom layer.

    In short, is there any way to disable collisions between layers? Or am I going to have to find some sort of work around fix using custom movement?

    If you need to see the game in order to understand what I'm talking about (cause it's kinda convoluted to explain) here's a dropbox link to the .capx

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