How do I stop bouncyness on interacting physic objects?

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  • Hi..

    I am quite new to construct so pardon me if this has already been answered. I tried finding an answer to this on the forum already but could not find yet.

    The basic idea of the game I am trying to make is that the direction of gravity (or force) is changing by 90 degree every time you click on a button. So I tried first by adding plattform bahaviours on the moveable sprites and then rotate the gravity by 90 degree everytime you click on the button. Movement-wise this worked fine but I was missing the collision in between the moveable object. I want the objects to be able to pile up. So I have set them up as physics now and applying a force on the sprites depending on the angle of a second object which I again turn by 90 as well clockwise on that button. This works fine when the objects collide with walls but when they interact between each other it goes wild although the elasticity is set to 0 on all of them . I am attaching a capx file. Clicking the second time on the ok button will show you that the moveable are bouncing back as they collide with each other.

    http: //

  • I set the sprites to use the boundingbox instead of polygon.

    Added friction and elasticity.

    set the force to apply every tick. ... ction.capx

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  • Great.. this already works much better LittleStain, thanks for that! However, there seems still to be a kind of interaction between the objects as when clicking further than 2 times on the rotate force button the 2 sprites fly apart from each other e.g. one is moving off in a certain angle from the other. I guess I need to try to set the velocity in x and y to 0 once they collide AND have a lower or equal velocity of 0 or 0.1. although this would probably mean again that they do not move again once the forces turn again.

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