How do I stop a black screen showing

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  • When I publish my game as a chrome web store app, when I run the game in Chrome I just get a black screen. What is the cause of this and how do I fix it? So far I have tried manually editing various files in the directory and changing screen resolutions and such, nothing works. I have even followed the tutorial on publishing word for word.

  • when you run or debug the layout, in construct 2 , you get also a black screen ? or the game run fine ?

  • It runs fine, I just can't get my head around why it is doing it. Manifest file version definitely set at 2 as well. Reading through the forums other people have had similar problems but I can't figure out or find a solution.

  • Just tried a new thing, unticked minify script still does not get it working :'( also have tried doing as hosted app set to localhost and it still does not work.

    I have also tried this now with two different games.

    Here is my .capx:

    If anyone can figure out whats wrong with it and why I can not export to Web Chrome Store let me know? I have tried everything now!

  • ok , can you try to play the game in other computer to see if the problem is from the game or the browser? also can you post a link of your game to test it in my computer?

  • Tried on 3 different computers already. (Windows 7. Windows 8.1 and another Windows 8.1 with a more up to date chrome.) See post above for link.

  • i check your capx file all is fine i run it in chrome and it work, try to set use loader layout to yes, and change your physics engine to box2d asm.js in the project settings

  • Ok I did what you said, I changed loader layout to yes, I have even purely published another game I was having the exact same trouble with, if you have chrome can you install for me and let me know if it works please? ... e?hl=en-GB For me it is not working.

  • the same problem my friend, i get a black screen when i start the game , also i don't know if that is important or not, but i see in icons folder in your project you have just construct icons, you must add your icons there instead of construct icons ?

  • First layout from default to Intro (the first screen on my game Drops)

    Deleted icons as you mentioned in the previous post

    Tried changing loader layout back to no.

    Checked that browser supports WebGL and it does.

    Changed around various other project settings.

    Tried in incognito mode on three different computers.

    Still nothing across both games, is this a bug in Construct 2 considering I found other posts on this same subject with no solution?

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  • maybe its a bug if other members not found a solution that fix this problem, i don't have account in the web store to test my game and see how it look

  • Ok, so overall I classify this as a bug, I feel like I have tried everything. I shall copy this thread into the bugs part of the forum for further review, in conclusion please take not of the following:

    One of my games where I am having this problem:

    Google developer app dump:

    also I have no idea what this means ... 411068.png

  • Bug reported:

  • I had an issue like this, and I fixed it by tweaking the manifest file (app.manifest and offline.appcache) location in the raw HTML that Construct exports (since we moved everything around on the backend for security). Once I had these pointed to the actual files, it worked fine.

    We are exporting in HTML5.

  • Could you please be more specific as to what you changed in the manifest file please? What did you change exactly, which manifest file?

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