How do I stop autoclickers?

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  • Hi all,

    I am working on a clicker game.

    How can I stop players from using an autoclicker?

  • what game it is? make somthink wheen click;s is more X from 1sec (reset game or what ever) ..cause the programs with autoclick is alot from natural human clicks. human click is 1-20 per sec i think

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  • On click

    compare variable xclick=touch.x, yclick=touch.y, do foo

    else set global xclick to touch.x, global yclick to touch.y

  • Depending on what you have to click in the game, you can perhaps make a sort of "captcha" style button which gets moved randomly after each click. That way, if an autoclicker keeps missing the button you can make the game stop registering clicks for a while or something.

  • It will be virtually impossible to have a solid solution, since auto clickers emulate hardware. Unless you can figure out a way to detect that the player is using one without imposing some arbitrary limits on the number of clicks, or adding annoying things to the game - then you won't really be able to stop anyone from using an auto clicker.

    I personally have a mutant/abnormal ability to click a button very fast (280 clicks in 25 seconds - or an average of 11.2 clicks per second). I've seen people as fast as 16 clicks per second... Most auto clickers have adjustment on them, so a player can find the "sweet spot" and just set it to that.

    The only thing I can think of that MIGHT work is measuring the time between each individual click - then if the time is EXACTLY the same for say 20-30 clicks in a row (2-3 seconds worth?) then you can trigger an "auto clicker is being used" event and stop your game - or whatever. That's about the only way I suspect you could do it actually. That's the thing about auto clickers, I don't think they vary the time between clicks at all; they're very uniform.


  • Personal i dont like 'clicker games'.

    & I think you can not beat (todays extremely well made) auto clickers without annoying the player.

    Then again, it can be part of the game. Like this maybe ? ... .capx?dl=0

  • I downloaded your capx and it had nothing to do with that I asked though.

    A clicker is when you click, not with keyboard strokes. But anyway I got the point, it was truly annoying.

    Just pressed a bunch of keyboard strokes.

    Yeah, that would be somewhat boring and not always true though.

    There might be cases that the player gets bored and starts clicking slower, or that he doesn't need to click at all.


    Thanks for subbing on my youtube channel!


    I think I found the solution.

    Just make the clicker give money, but make it way weaker than upgrades that give you money after each second.

    Makes total sense and people won't just be clicking, but also make a bit of strategy.

    Also, knowing that the fastest click ever was 16 clicks per second, I can limit it to that.

    I am now thinking to limit it to 12 clicks per second.

    Should be enough.

  • Same here.

    Been meaning to add some stuff there as well.

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