How do I stop my animations from continuing?

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  • I have a button sprite that is supposed to change color. When I go to the layout that contains the sprite, it cycles through the four animations (the frames with the different colors) and then stops. I have tried to remedy this by having a variable for if the game is starting, and if it is then it sets the animation frame to a certain variable. this has not appeared to do anything!!!

    (sorry if the post is not following any rules, I'm a first time poster, so just let me know and I'll fix the post!)

  • hmmm im a little bit confuse on your problem. can you be more specific what do you want to achieve? im willing to help you

  • Sounds like you have to set the sprites animation speed to 0.

    (dbl click sprite, set property to speed 0)

  • Sounds like you have to set the sprites animation speed to 0.

    (dbl click sprite, set property to speed 0)

    i think that too. make it all 0 for sure. and put in the start layout event set animation frame to 0 so that it reset every time reload that page

  • Hello both of you! Thank you so much for replying! When I double click the sprite, the animations box pops up...

  • Right Click on the Sprite

    Edit animation

    on Left side corner you will see animation speed=5

    Change it to 0

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  • yup double click it and look at the left of your screen and you will see the animation speed and repeat count etc etc

  • Thank you all so so much! It works! I ended up having to set the animation speed to 0 every tick for 1.5 seconds because when the layouts change, it takes a second (I have no idea why...) Thanks again!

  • congrats

  • Look like you are new in construct so I will explain you step by step what to do and show you all the animation property's

    1.Double Click on the Sprite you wanna edit

    2.In the animations Windows click the animation you wanna change or edit values(when you create a new sprite it came with a fixed name of Default which you can change as you like).

    3.Look at the property by default is at the left of the screen if you cant see the property-> Go to View and click on the Property Checkbox.

    in there you will see some value that you can freely edit as you want.

    Speed -> this is the speed of the animation which is determinate frame per seconds Ex. if you set it to one then every 1 second it will change to the next frame of the animation if it set to 2 it will display two frames per second.

    Loop-> if it set to yes it will repeat the animation on finished if it set to no it will go through all the frame and stay in the last this depend too in the Speed to make it work if the speed is set to 0 frame persecond this will likely stay at the first frame.

    Repeat Count is used if to loop a animation in a certain times like if you set it to 2 then it will loop two time and then it will stay in the first frame.

    Repeat to -> if you want the animation start from frame let say 1 instead of 0 then it will loop starting from the number you put in there.

    Ping pong -> is used to reverse the animation.

    *to fix your problem

    set Speed to something bigger than 0

    and set loop to yes

    I hope this help ya

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