How do I stop an animation if something happens?

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  • Hey! I am working on a game which has animations made of 56 frames although one cycle goes through really fast it's still not fast enough. What do I mean? As I saw when an animation starts and it's on loop it will loop itself but when something happens for example a key is pressed with another set animation command it sets the animation to another. Yeah it's cool but the animation will go through it's started cycle which isn't good with this many frames because when I jump from wall the animation of the wall climb is still not finished and it looks stupid when you are in mid air and it's still playing the climb animation and that's why I want to force stop that animation and play the other so this won't happen. I hope that I was understandable and correct and I hope you can help me with this.

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  • You can stop an animation from playing at any time with Stop under the animation section.

  • Yeah I've tried that but it didn't seem to be the solution. I will try it again but I would be happy if more answers would come.

  • No other answers required as that's how you force stop an animation in Construct 2.

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