Stop Animation Overlapping?

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  • Been working on my project for a good 8 hours now, can't figure out how to keep my animation from switching mid animation due to button input.

    And My run attack only goes off while player is in movement, so I must hold down the button the whole time. I have my platform like so...

    (AWD - simulates movement now.)

    On Right Arrow Pressed - [Sub Cat(platform IS moving, platform IS on floor) RunAttack]

    [Other Sub(platform IS NOT moving, platform IS on floor) Kick]

  • Ok bscarl88 looking at it appears you have doubled up on many things that are unnecessary ..I will fine tune the capX for you..its important what order you call your they affect the visual outcome...

    will get back to you soon..

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  • really? thanks! I really appreciate it!    

    I think the hardest part is going to get all the different attack animations down. I'm going to have a run attack, back and forward air attacks, standing/charge attacks (all very similar to super smash brothers).

    I think I have found a way to stop some button presses from messing with animations and ending animations early.

    I played around with Player disable, and platform ignore input. What i'll do is attatch a boolean to each character and say if AttackAnimation = true, ignore input AND disable character or something. (Maybe disable character is not the way to do it) But thank you very much for your help!

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