How do I stop an animation while another one is playing?

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  • So i'm having kinda the same problem here, when i press "X" my player does the shooting animation but i can still walk and do the walking animation but that's not what i want.

    TL;DR: while the shooting animation is play what i want is that i can't do anything until it's finished, i can't walk or play the walking animation.. a little help would be cool

  • Can you attach your capx (a simplified version will do) for us to see and build upon..?

    Other than that, I think that adding the "shootingAnimation" is NOT playing as a condition in your movement controls will make your character stop while shooting (you'll have to make the events that move your player in the event sheet, otherwise Construct won't know that the "is NOT playing" condition is meant to be paired with a key press that's related to movement).

  • Well here's the capx: [attachment=0:3cb76djv][/attachment:3cb76djv]

    and i haven't got a hold of the jumping animation or system.. if you could help me with that too

    have a nice day

  • Wisdoms , there you go!

    I removed some unnecessary animations and disabled some events that were obsolete. The main difference and most important thing that you should consider is that it is not recommended to use the sprite that holds the graphics and the animations (in your case the "Enemy") for the Platforming movements and collisions. You should use a dummy Sprite for that and Pin your graphics to that sprite.

    Other than that, I really like your aesthetic, keep it up!!!

  • Wow, thanks so much for spending your time on this.

    but there's a problem, though.. when i press X and the shooting animation plays and i press the Left or Right button the animation mirrors.. i don't know if it's possible to avoid that in construct or not.. but thank you anyway

  • Wisdoms , of course it's possible

  • Thanks for editing that out, you're the man, man!

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  • You are welcome Wisdoms

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