Stepping through an array.

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  • I would like to be able to step through an array. Value by value. When I reach the end of the array I want to go back to the oldest.

    In my case I want Q to step back through the array and W to step forward in the array.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Haven't found any elegant solution to this. You can ignore the Pop back on X axis event in the screenshot. :)

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  • bump in hopes of R0j0hound replying. :P

  • It looks like you have it most of the way there. A few points:

    * You can probably remove the "pick all" condition as they are all picked by default.

    * I'm guessing GlobalStoneAmmout is the same as the Array width so your second event should look like this: "StoneSelection >= GlobalStoneAmmout" since arrays always go from 0 to array.width-1.

    *Then just do set StoneSelection to array.width-1 when it's less than 0.

  • Yea... didn't get it to work. ;(

    the arrow doesn't change position at all.

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