Steamworks API integration?

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  • If one were to have the opportunity to post a game made by Construct 2 onto Steam, would one be able to integrated things from the Steamworks API into the game?

    For instance, Achievement integration?

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  • Yes, achievements are possbile, so long as you are exporting with NW.js and use this (experimental) plugin by Ashley:

    I've also heard that Steam also offer support to help integrate your game with their system if you ask.

  • Cosmochoria is launching on Steam tomorrow!

    It has:

    • Achievements
    • Cloud Saving
    • Trading Cards
    • Badges
    • Emoticons
    • Profile Backgrounds

    All doable with Ashley's plugin, which is also a huge thanks to Greenheart Games for the NW.js development.

  • - I really didn't expect a reply from someone who has a game already on Steam. Can I ask you another question? I know you also kickstarted your game, I had the idea that if me and my partner tried to kickstart a game and was then successfully kickstarted, we may be able to circumvent the greenlight program on Steam. Do you think this is accurate or do you believe it is a case by case basis at Valve's discretion?

    briggybros - Thanks for the info! I trust basically anything produced by Ashley. Haha.

  • Hey man, no i think if you kickstart your game, even if successful it has to go through their greenlight system for now. Its a way for them to see if you have the ablity to rally a community behind your game. That being said, you can rally your kickstarter community to help your greenlight campaign, and vice versa Good luck! It can be a lot of work, but if building awareness is the issue, it can be worth it.

    For me, i spent almost 2 solid months preparing and planning for the kickstarter campaign, another month for the greenlight campaign. That's 3 months i lost i could have been working on the game full time... hard for me to say that it was worth it for the money i raised.. But thats not the main reason i did it, either. What i did get though were people interested in the game and who were willing to help spread the word. People who were giving their active thoughts and feedback, etc. Which is much more valuable and cherished.

    Good luck tho - whatever your goal is, work very hard and im sure you would see some success.

  • Thanks for all your help on this and my other thread. You've been extremely helpful, even to the planning and projection process of the game I am planning on making. Right now, me and my partner are working on getting establishes as a single legal entity so I can't quite sign up for Steamworks yet (I was looking over it last night), but as soon as we do that, I will be more than happy to shoot you a PM/email with proof of the signed NDA.

    Until then, thanks again for all the help, and good luck with your launch today! I hope to join you in the indie section in due time. (;

  • Awesome man, all the best & good luck with everything! Hit me up anytime.

  • ... ria-review

    Review on Eurogamer! It doesn't get much bigger than that! ☺


    Review on Eurogamer! It doesn't get much bigger than that! ?

    Haha thanks yeah that blew my mind the morning I saw it

  • Hey, does someone have a .capx for example of steamworks integration with Construct 2? Thanks!

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