STEAM - Can I have Steam remember my beta status?

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  • I'm having an issue with Construct 2 on Steam. In order to stay up to date, I have to opt in for beta updates. Thing is, whenever I'm in offline mode (at work or at home), Steam doesn't remember my beta opt-in, and I have to re-opt in and re-download the update. This could be seen as a mere annoyance, but at home I have no internet, making it impossible for me to open the capx files I've created, and at work, the wifi is horrendously slow. What would take me 4 seconds at my girlfriend's house will take me an indeterminate amount of time at work.

    Is there a way for me to set the opt-in with Steam and make sure that it remembers and keeps the update? What am I doing wrong?

  • Have you got both the Free edition and Personal edition both installed and set to use beta updates on Steam? That's the only way beta updates work.

    If it keeps forgetting your preference, you'll need to ask Valve about this I'm afraid - we can't fix Steam for them.

  • I do have both the free and personal editions installed and set to use beta updates. When I contacted steam they told me to clear everything out of my steam folder except the steamapps folder and steam.exe, and then to run Steam after restarting. Unfortunately it solved nothing.

  • Set only one version to updating to beta. At work and at home use the version that doesn't update to beta.

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  • Set only one version to updating to beta. At work and at home use the version that doesn't update to beta.

    Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. From what I've seen:

    • Free and Personal are separate entities in Steam
    • If you set Personal to update with the beta option, FREE updates but not Personal
    • You only need to update one to use one or the other
    • If you delete FREE, then the installation from FREE somehow carries over to Personal, which will then update instead of FREE because FREE no longer exists
    • If you reinstall FREE, it goes back to the way it was, in which only FREE updates but both are usable as long as they're updated.
    • Now I can't use EITHER, because I haven't done the re-update after restarting, and it says Steam can't start the software with shared content.

    Why couldn't the Free and Personal versions be completely different downloads? I understand for many it sucks to re-download the same content, but for simplicity's sake it should have at least converted or deleted the Free version. I should no longer have to deal with the Free version since I paid for the Personal version.

  • The Free, Personal and Business edition all share exactly the same files, just like the download from our main site. So there's no point having separate downloads. The current system was also set up both by Valve themselves, and from Valve's advice to us on how to implement it. So I'm afraid it mostly depends on how Steam handles it; in this case it only needs to remember a setting, so hopefully this is a minor bug that Valve can fix.

  • So it looks like I've solved the problem. When I was at work earlier, instead of working on my game like I wanted to, I downloaded the update. It took about an hour on their horrible wifi, but I got it done. Since I didn't have time to do anything else, I decided to test a theory of mine. I went into offline mode before shutting down my computer. After work while on the bus, I turned on my laptop and started Steam in offline mode. I was able to run all of the capx files that required the updates, which meant that the update was finally remembered.

    It's another inconvenience of DRM, which I should have expected from Steam. You have to be online to go offline (go figure), or it will roll back your updates until you're online again to update again. Without turning this into a debate about the ridiculousness of DRM and how it punishes real purchasers of software, I must say that I am relieved to know that I can use Construct 2 at work now.

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