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  • Hi folks,

    I know there is only native support for the Xbox controller, but I wonder if I can get the Steam controller working. What works so far is the presets:

    • moving the cursor with the touchpad
    • clicking with the lower right shoulder button
    • using the stick like the keyboard arrows

    But I couldn't find a tutorial explaining how to handle the buttons from other controllers...


    I found (this may have been obvious to most...) that per definition most of the buttons on the Steam controller are related to a code like the keyboard-buttons. I wrote a small project to put out the code of the button pressed:

    For the Steam controller that is:

    a = 13

    b = 32

    x = 33

    y = 34

    upper left trigger = 17

    upper right trigger = 18

    backward arrow = 9

    forward arrow = 27

    touchpad pressed = 16

    So instead of assigning gamepad buttons, you have to assign keyboard keycode inputs to make the Steam controller buttons work.

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