How do I get steam achievements visible with Greenworks?

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  • I didn't find any information about which version of steamSDK should be used with Greenworks v0.26.6

    I don't get any errors and my steam account shows that I'm playing the game.

    Should achievements be visible if I run my game from my desktop?

    I don't get any errors when I check the console with F12.

    Can I test to get same achievements multiple times or will Steam ignore my call because I already got them?

    I truly appreciate if someone can help me with this.

  • I've been working with Greenworks and Steam Achievements 4 years ago so it's kinda far in my memory now but I went back to my steamworks page.

    You should be working with this page open : <--- Package Number here

    And if I recall well, once you get an achievement you will need to remove it manually from the steam website to be able to test it again properly.

    I'm afraid I can't help much more than that but I remember it was really tricky indeed =/

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  • Telyko, thanks for the info. Knowing that I need to remove achievements to test them again helps a lot.

    Edit: I finally found more info from: ... rks/0-26-6

    it was hidden behind a link.

  • I still can't get this to work.

    • Greenworks v0.26.6
    • Steamworks SDK: 1.41
    • NW.js: 0.26.6

    I have Steam open and I run my game from desktop, my Steam turns green and says that I'm playing the game, no errors and still no achievements visible when they are triggered. Is there anyone that has managed to get Greenworks v0.26.6 working? This is an official plugin, so minifying shouldn't affect I hope. I made a test to play a sound if Steam is available and it played the sound meaning everything is setup correctly.

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