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  • Greetings there! ^.^

    I have been searching for this for few hours now and been trying to solve it myself but i just started to use this awesome program and need some help!

    I want to make an side scrolling action type game where the camera follows the player - thats solved -

    BUT how do i make the life bar/lvl and exp bars etc to stay at the TOP LEFT of the screen where the camera follows the player? I have made one at the position of the player above, but when the character jumps, the status screen follows, cant i set it to the top left angle of the camera/view? To stay there all the time no matter where my char moves?

    Thanks in advance - awesome community btw!

  • use behavior: Anchor

  • btw, welcome to the forum!

  • Actually, its not anchor. Just set the parallax to every status object to "0,0".

    Simple as that. Good luck on your game!

  • Eh what? You said couple things there i didn't understand at all ;D

    Very nice helpfull forum btw, i like it and enjoy it alot! But the above.. I don't understand it, sorry ^.^

  • I think what GameThirsty means to say is that you should put all of your UI elements into their own layer, and set that layer's parallax property to 0,0. Details here.

    You should really read at least a few of the basic tutorials before charging off into your own project. If you ask for help, the expectation is that you've read them and have a basic understanding of these sorts of things.

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  • Thanks! No i do understand, just didnt get the parallex thing!

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